For years, Facebook has been the most popular social media app. But, according to studies in adults in 2018, it recently has become number 2. YouTube has actually become more popular with adults in the the United States than Facebook. Facebook has reported 68% of adult users. YouTube has exploded with 73% of adult users. If you haven’t thought about this social media app for your business, you are missing out. Recent changes in the app has made it more of a social platform. Comments from YouTube accounts are now linked to Google+ accounts. Having video content on your company’s YouTube channel is a great way to build your business. We have some tips to help you grow your business with YouTube.


You should definitely encourage your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel. This way, your customers will know when you have published a new video. This also helps you keep track of how many people are viewing your videos. One great way is to promote all of your YouTube videos on your other social media apps. By sharing the link to your new video, it will encourage users to watch it on your channel. You also can add a blurb at the end of each video encouraging your audience to subscribe to your channel for even more content. Don’t forget to promote your channel on each blog that you post on your website.


One great way to start building up videos on your YouTube channel is to start with customer testimonials. Customer testimonials helps to build creditably in your business. Because people are visual creatures, these videos perform better than written testimonials on your website. It helps put a face with an experience. Also, by posting testimonials it will encourage others to sit for a testimonial video. If you are a local business, getting your local customers to sit for a video testimonial will help grow your business in the community.


Another great way to great more subscribers is to customize your YouTube channel. You want to apply all of your branding elements to your channel. You can customize the color palette, logo and other branding elements. Start by using your company logo for your channel icon. You want this important aspect of your business to be the first thing people notice. You also have the option of changing your channel art. Choose some of your products, a photo of your store or anything else related to what your business does. Be sure to fill out your channel description. Treat these descriptions like you would putting out any of your company information in the media. Write professional, clear and concise content.


The titles of your videos are also really important. People search for YouTube videos the same way they search on google. The more descriptive your video titles are, the easier people will be able to find your videos. Don’t use generic titles, instead focus o describe what is actually happening in the videos that you post. These videos will come up in more searches and give you a wider audience this way.


YouTube has exploded with 73% of adult users.