Instagram is a social media app that has been gaining popularity over time. For those that aren’t familiar with this social media app, it’s a way to share video and photos right from your smartphone. This app is focused mostly on mobile photos. It contains lots of filters to make your mobile photos more eye catching. The main goal of your account is to get followers. Let’s now talk about how you can use Instagram to feature your brand.


When it comes to choosing photos to post, you want to choose ones that are the most visually appealing. The ones that end up going viral are good quality. You want an image that is interesting and beautiful. These can include great photos of your product at a unique angle. Another great idea is to add your logo to the photos that you are using or focus on photos that use the color scheme of your business. Your branding should shine though on your Instagram page. You can also choose photos of people using your products. This shows brand loyalty.


Another great idea is to post motivational quotes on your Instagram page. People love to be inspired. Customers are more likely to buy items that they have an emotional reaction to. By using motivational quotes on your page, it builds a connection with your audience. One of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is #Quotes. You can use this to your advantage when you are posting one. Every time that you post an inspirational quote, tag it with this popular hashtag.

Call To Action

Another great way to engage your audience is to have a call to action on your image. Users interact with photos by double tapping them. Use this in your call to action. For example, if you are a restaurant, your call to action could be “Double tap if you celebrate Fridays with pizza.” Or, if you are a brewery, you can use “Double tap if you love beer.” This encourages people to interact directly with your post.

User Generated Content

Because of the popularity of Instagram, it’s likely that most of your customers are already on this social media app. You can use this to your advantage. By encouraging user generated content, you are encouraging your audience to work for you. Through your other social media channels, encourage customers to tag you in their Instagram posts when they are using your products. You can even sponsor a contest in which the most liked Instagram post you are tagged in gets a gift card.

Promoting Your Products

The obvious goal of using your Instagram page is to sell your product. But, you have to be careful how you go about this task. Most people don’t like in your face sales tactics. The best way to show off your products is subtly. A photo of a beautiful bedroom with your product on the nightstand is a great way to showcase your products. Another example is posting a photo of your product in use. You should still focus on beautiful shots, but also refrain from trying to sell.


One of the most popular hashtags on Instagram is #Quotes.