What exactly is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is making your business appeal to users of mobile devices. Mobile marketing provides customers information about your company that is quick and easy to read on a cell phone. It provides them with information that is easy to get to on their mobile devices. Most consumers have moved away from standard desktops. With life being so busy, ipads and cell phones have become the new form of communication. If your marketing is not geared toward mobile devices, you are already behind in the times.


It’s important to make your ads appear correctly on smartphones, tablets or any other mobile devices. Mobile marketing ad formats can vary depending on platform. Each different device has its own options and formatting. When you are working on your website, be sure to check it on multiple mobile devices.


You need to develop your mobile marketing strategy. According to statistics, 80% of internet users own a smartphone. This number gets higher and higher each year. 57% of users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. This statistic can hurt your business of you are not planning ahead. There is a variety of mobile marketing strategies you can use to bring your business to the next level.


Mobile apps are extremely popular. 80% of mobile time is spent using apps. Unfortunately, apps can be expensive to create. Instead, you can create mobile ads that appear on third party apps. Facebook allows you to create ads that become integrated into Facebook’s mobile app. The ads appear in user’s news feeds seamlessly. Most users don’t realize they are looking at an ad.


In-game mobile marketing it another great way to advertise. Mobile ads appear as banner pop ups when a user is playing a mobile game on their smartphone.

You can choose different options of how your ad will appear in the game. This is another cost effective way of mobile advertising without the added expense of developing a game.

QR Codes

QR codes are another great way to advertise your business. QR codes are scanned and take users to a specific website. These have an element of mystery to them. Users aren’t completely sure where it is going to take them when the scan the code. A great mobile marketing strategy for this is to link to a part of your website that users can directly purchase your product.

Location Ads

Location based mobile ads are another good avenue to explore. This works by the mobile device picking up the user’s location. Your advertising is then targeted to customers that are close in vicinity. You can target customers that are close to your business. This will increase the chances that they will buy your products.

Mobile Search

Our last mobile marketing suggestion is to use mobile search ads. These are basic google search ads. They are built specifically for mobile devices. They often feature add-on extensions like a click to call button or a map. Many businesses that use this service report a 20% increase in sales. This is a huge increase in your monthly sales and isn’t going to use all of your marketing budget.


If your marketing is not geared toward mobile devices, you are already behind in the times.