Meet our team

We build trust.

JGWZ Media was born out of Best Community Values, our sister company. We began business in 1993 with a direct mail advertising business model that proved successful. This led to rapid expansion and allowed us to become a marketing leader in the greater Orlando area. Now, JGWZ Media provides a full set of marketing solutions for virtually any industry. Our desire and intent to serve our clients as best we can has been at the heart of our company since its beginning, over 18 years ago. We take joy in helping our clients, and are passionate about helping companies grow to their full potential.

John Foret


The big cheese himself. John is the founder and owner of this longstanding stalwart of Orlando area advertising. Going on 20 years now, he’s been the driving force behind every service we provide.


Emmanuel Foret

Marketing Director

The mastermind behind every single digital campaign that we create. As the point man, he’ll be your first line of contact if you choose to employ our services. He works with you to get the job done right.


Rachel Schaffer

Senior Creative Artist

Want to make it pop? This is your gal. With over 15 years of on-the-job advertising design experience, she can make your campaign stand out and help it drive sales.


Felicia Verbrycke


Payroll, collections and sales are among the many jobs Felicia flawlessly executes switching from one to another with relative ease. Not only does she bring home the bacon, she cooks it too.


Susan Foret


The matron of the office, otherwise known as “Mom”. Collections is her specialty. Better not be late on your payment, or Mom is gonna be knocking down your door, figuratively, of course.