Instagram hasn’t released the magic formula for how to get more likes on your photos. The more Instagram likes that you get, the more popular your business will become. With no definitive guide of how to do this, business owners can sometimes be at a loss for how to make their photos more popular. We have some tips and tricks that will get you more Instagram likes.


The most successful Instagram accounts have a theme to all of their posts. This could be behind the scenes photos in a restaurant or funny ways that your product is being used by consumers. Pages that have a planned theme to their photos perform better than accounts that just post random photos. Even with your themed photos, they should all be shot in an artful way.


It’s important that your followers know when you are going to be posting photos. Plan out when you are going to post your photos. Try to stick to a particular time of day. Over time, your followers will know when to look for your photos. This will also help you from posting too often and overwhelming your audience.


The worst thing you can do on Instagram is be boring. You will lose followers and your Instagram likes will dwindle. People go on Instagram to be entertained. If you are always posting the same photos, your followers will get bored. Show some variety in your camera angles or color schemes. Variety will make your feed more interesting.


Interesting hashtags are another way to to get more Instagram likes. Be creative with your wording. Hashtags are another way to draw people in. Don’t post too many when you upload your photo though. Having too many hashtags on a post, people think you are fishing for Instagram likes. You want your likes to appear organically, not force them through tons of hashtags.


Your should take the time to acknowledge your audience, especially if they are interacting with your posts. Whenever someone comments on your photo, be sure to reply. Also, it’s good to reciprocate your audience by liking their photos too. Your audience is also probably trying to get as many likes as possible.

Photo Editing

Although Instagram offers filters to use on your photos, that’s tons of additional filters you can download and use. This will make your photos more vibrant and eye catching. Two of the more popular ones are Afterlight and Snapseed.

Instagram Stories

And Instagram story is a video or image that lasts for 24 hours. It is using the basic principles of Snapchat. Many users report that using Instagram stories increases their brand engagement. Users feel like they are getting a unique snapshot of your business. It also increases your changes of getting featured on Instagram’s Explore page. Users go to this page to find new and exciting content. This is a great way to increase your Instagram likes.


Contests are a really great way to get interaction from your audience on social media. Especially if your work with another company with a really strong Instagram following. By offering your product in a contest with another popular brand, you can really get a lot of new followers. New followers equals new likes on your photos.


The worst thing you can do on Instagram is be boring.