It should be a goal for your business to be at the top of a a google search. This means your audience is coming upon your company first. This is important in sales. People usually buy from businesses that are at the top of the google search list. We have some great tips on how to improve your search ranking.


Because of the Google caffeine update, creating fresh content has been more important. This update ranks sites with new content higher in google searches. One of the top ways to stay in the top three listings in a google search is to always be posting new content. This can include new pages, blog posts, new keywords and updating older information on your website. Making changes to your main content is more important than making insignificant changes to content or time tags. Before you start changing your content, start by doing keyword research, You don’t want to be missing out on a new popular keyword.


You always want to keep an eye on your competitors. You never want them to rank higher in a google search. If this happens, people are more likely to visit the websites that are ranked higher than yours. This ranking change can sometimes happen because of keywords. If they are choosing more popular keywords than you, they will eventually rank higher than you. This is why it’s always important to do your research on items like this.

Social Media

Another factor that determines your ranking in google searches is your social media engagement. It improves your brand’s overall authority, which drives more traffic to your website. The key to this is to be as active on social media as possible. Its pretty common for businesses to have posting schedules. But, you can experiment by changing the times you post, or days that you post. This experiment can further improve your engagement on social media. When you post, be sure to always add a good keyword. This could be in the content of your post or a photo caption.


It’s really important that your website is user friendly. Your pages should load quickly and users should be able to easily navigate your site. This is another thing that effects your ranking. Your ranking depends on how long users stay on your website. Making your site easy to use will make suers stay longer. One thing to be careful of is your bounce rate. If you have a high one, it can bring down your ranking in google searches.

Mobile Phones

People now access the internet more now on their mobile phones than on a desktop computer. You want your website to also be easy to navigate with mobile devices. Be sure to test your website on different platforms such as android phones, iphones and ipads. If you are making changes on your webpages, also test them on these devices before going live with them. Some things to check for are if your search bar is easy to find and your home button is accessible. Test all of these factors out so they don’t affect your ranking over time.


One of the top ways to stay in the top three listings in a google search is to always be posting new content.