When it comes to your social media posts, beautiful photos are more engaging than text only posts. Unless you have a professional photographer on your staff, it may seem hard to find visuals. If you have researched buying photos, you know they are quite expensive. This isn’t really in the budget for small businesses. The good news is there is a ton of free stock photo websites. This can save you lots of time, and even lots more money. We have organized a breakdown of these free stock photo sites. Be sure to bookmark the ones that are most useful for your business.


This free stock photo website is a favorite with graphic designers. It has a large collection of artfully shot photographs. They are all royalty free and under the creative commons. This means you can use any photograph for personal or professional use. This includes modifying shots or even posting as is. They have a huge range of different types of photos that will work wonderfully on your social media sites.


This free stock photo site was created in 1996. This site does ask that you credit the photographer or artist when you use the free stock photo. You can easily add an extra hash tag in your post giving credit for the shot. The offer a wider range of subject matter on their website. This is helpful when you are looking for a more specific image to post.


Pexels offers one of the largest collections of free stock photos. You can also browse digitally created images on this site. This includes different photos being photoshopped together to create a new image. Be sure to check out their selection of holiday images to use for future social media posts.


If you are looking for vector graphics to possibly modify in Adobe Illustrator, FreePik is definitely the site for you. This is for more advanced graphic users with access to adobe products. Its a great source of logo templates, ad layouts and cartoon graphics. You can even use this in combination with the other sites to create graphics with a combination of drawn backgrounds and art. One thing to be aware of is that your graphics will include a FreePik logo at the bottom of your image.


By signing up for a free membership, you can download up to 100 free stock photos a month. They have an extensive collections of drawings and illustrations. This would be really useful if you business has an audience of creative fields. They also have are large collection of photographs of people.


Another great source of free stock photos can be found at KaboomPics. All of these photos are done by professional photographers. It has great options for searching photos such as orientation and color scheme. Because photographers have shot all of these photos, they are higher quality that some of the other sites listed above. Once you choose a photo, you also have the option for a quick download or for other shots from the same photoshoot. When you choose the option to view more photos from this shoot, this is a list of the color palette using during the shoot. It makes matching overlaying text a breeze for you.


This can save you lots of time, and even lots more money.