When you are a business owner, time equals money. You want to be as productive as possible. This also includes time on your Facebook page. When it comes to your business, you want to treat your Facebook page just as you would handle a task like ordering office supplies. There are a of of ways that you can waste time on your Facebook page without being productive.

Promotional Content

Creating content for your Facebook page can be time-consuming. Facebook has recently been warning business about their created content. Because of its algorithm, content that is overly promotional doesn’t have as much organic reach as other posts. We are not saying to never promote your products, but you want to mix promotions with other content. Some ideas include a history of your business, an inspirational story or acknowledging an upcoming holiday. If you have noticed a drop of interest on your Facebook page, its most likely because you are posting too much promotional content.

Republishing Content

It may seem that automatically posting the exact same content to multiple networks saves time. This actually could’t be further from the truth. The audience that follows your Facebook page is entirely different than your audience on instagram. Sharing content across platforms without reformatting the content is a mistake. Hashtags show up differently on different platforms. If you automatically share a post from your instagram account, your hashtags could become unformatted when you post them to your Facebook page.

Responding to Negative Comments

Many Facebook pages for businesses receive negative comments. Disgruntled customers like to let a brand know what they have done wrong. The best way to handle this is not to get into a comment war. Reach out to these customers via Facebook messenger. With messenger, all of your interactions will be private. You can handle the situation with the customer while maintaining a good face on your social pages.

You may also read a lot of negative Facebook comments about your competitors. It’s important to research these. You will know for the future the common customer complaints. You can then not repeat them with your business. Be sure to never get involved in these negative conversations though. It will effect your business creditability.

Facebook Updates

Its a good rule to follow to create quality content over quantity content. But don’t fall into the trap of taking too long to post Facebook content. You want to stay top of mind with your customers. You also want to stay in their news feeds. If you are having trouble with ideas for creating content, browse the web for some inspiring ideas. Watch Facebook pages of your competitors. If one of their posts is very successful, you can draw from their idea to create content of your own. Also, encourage your employees for ideas for future content. They can give you a different perspective about some important topics for your business that you previously overlooked.

Facebook Video

Studies have shown that videos that are uploaded directly to your Facebook page have the most interactions. They perform much better than links to videos you repost. These videos also are shared 611% more than linked videos. When shooting a Facebook video, keep the length of time short. Also, most Facebook users watch the videos without sound. Its important to have beautiful visuals in your video.


Studies have shown that videos that are uploaded directly to your Facebook page have the most interactions.