Have you ever wondered why your social media content isn’t getting the likes and shares you expected? We’ve all been there. Creating content that is engaging can sometimes feel elusive. The competition for the attention of your audience can feel overwhelming. This is especially true because people’s attention spans seem to be getting shorter. What is the trick to creating engaging content? Its actually easier than you think. There are some small techniques that you can use to connect more with your audience.


Did you know that social media content with videos attracted 3 times the likes that normal posts do? Video has become a great way of engaging your audience. It’s a great idea to write your blog posts with video in mind. The production of these videos do not need to break the bank. Hiring a professional videographer is not necessary. Cell phones can actually create good quality videos. Keep each video short and sweet. Also, a lot of Facebook videos are actually played without sound. Be sure to film with that in mind.


Your community can help with engaging content. You can invite your audience to help contribute to your blog. Start by collecting the information of people that are interested in this. Not only does it help connect you with the community further, but it takes some pressure off of you writing all of your company’s blogs. Be sure to credit the author in your blog and also to tag them in any social media posts about the blog.


Companies with successful social media campaigns know that social posts should be a two way conversation. This is important in engaging your audience. The easiest way to do this is to ask your followers for their opinion. It not only produces more likes, but it also shows that you care about what your audience thinks. A good way to go about this is to pose a question to your audience. You will want to monitor the comments and respond when it is appropriate.

Your Voice

People genuinely like conversing with people that they feel are on their same level. This also goes for social media. Blogging at its core is about friendship, community and natural conversation. You should be writing as though you are talking with your closest friends. Your blog and content will feel more natural. It will also be easier to read and understand for your followers. The less technical and wordy your content is, the better. 


Most people are very visually driven. Did you know that 46% of people said the design of a website is how they determine the credibility of your company? Also, 40% of people respond more positively to visual content rather than plain text content. A good way of engaging your audience is to post photos. Photos that are taken at your store or business are always best. Also, you can choose from royalty free stock photos for more engaging and artistic photos.


This is our most important tip, stop trying to sell. Consumers are already overwhelmed with companies trying to sell them products and services. If you are trying to pitch an aggressive sales pitch, your followers will immediately back away. Instead, focus more on why your products and brands are awesome. You can never go wrong by showing your enthusiasm for your business.


Did you know that 46% of people said the design of a website is how they determine the credibility of your company?