Chatbots have recently become very popular in business. With new innovations in artificial intelligence, chatbots have become sophisticated. They can help you automate multiple business processes. Chatbots also can help push your customers to buy additional products. They can help your marketing strategy. Here are some ways that you can use them to your advantage for your business.


Interaction with someone that knows your name feels much more personal. Chatbots are built to integrate with social media. They gather data from social media when they are interacting with customers. Not only do they answer customer’s questions, they can also offer shopping suggestions. This is done by analyzing customer’s purchase history. It also accesses a person’s preferences and can be helpful in its suggestions.


Chatbots are a great way to engage your customers. They are unique because they help  you also retain customers. They are different from traditional marketing in this way. A chatbot corresponds with your customers. It also can send information about your brand products and services. It can up-sell and cross-sell to customers. This is more engaging than posting a video of sales suggestions and new products.

Wider Audience

Chatbots are normally found on social media messaging platforms. You are able to connect with a larger audience because of this. They can also expand your customer base by tapping into new demographics. With a wider audience, there are more changes to increase sales.

Feedback and Data

Chatbots are a great way to get informational data from your customers. Normally, customers don’t look forward to taking surveys. Instead, your chatbot can ask them questions during their conversations. Your chatbot can analyze all of this data. It can then be used to focus your marketing strategy further. Your can address your customer’s needs better by knowing what is important to them.


Customers don’t like to be bombarded by emails about your businesses. Notifications for every time your business has a sale or offer can be overwhelming. Chatbots can send personalized notifications directly to your customers. They can offer relevant information to your audience.


In addition to delivering information quickly to customers, they also can make customers interactions fun. A great example if this is the Whole Foods’ chatbot. You are able to search for recipes through Facebook Messenger using emojis. This makes the interaction more fun and interesting. You can also share links to blog posts and other relevant pieces of content.


Sometimes brands have a passive voice in their marketing strategy. They only communicate directly with their audience after a customer contacts them first. A chatbot automatically sends a welcome notification to your customer when they visit your site. This shows your customers that you are open for questions or concerns immediately. It also increases the changes of customer interactions. This can directly affect your sales numbers.

Active Social Media Presence

When it comes to customer inquiries, it’s not going to be possible for your customer care team to be available 24 hours a day. If you were able to have a team on the clock constantly, it would be very expensive. Instead, use a chatbot to respond to customers needs. It will also impress your potential clients. Chatbots Chatbots are able to hold conversations 24 hours a day. It will help you keep your social media presence active.


Chatbots are a great way to engage your customers.