There’s a new social media trend for businesses. To increase the ROI on your social media posts, businesses are turning to buying followers. There is a ton of conflicting research whether this is a good or bad practice. When you are just starting your social media, buying followers sounds like a great idea to help build an audience. But is this the right way to develop an audience? Let’s go over the pros and cons of buying followers.


Contrary to belief, there are great perks when buying followers for your social media pages. If you are beginning with your social media accounts, buying followers is a great way to build credibility. The more followers you have, the more perceived authority you have in your field. Many popular brands and artists do this to build a following. Having a large list of followers proves that your business is creditable. Be careful about the number of your followers. Its unreasonable to think that a social media account that just started would have 10,000 followers. A good rule of thumb is to keep your followers around 2,000 to 5,000. These are the number that you could reach without buying followers.

There is a popular saying for social media that is a good rule to follow. Having followers helps you make more followers. Buying followers to get your business started helps to boost your overall social media presence. Having a few thousand can help you look impressive on the short term. Though these followers aren’t going to be engaging with your brand, it can help you build an audience.


Unfortunately, buying followers can also risk your reputation. There has been some recent research that indicates twitter could possibly have up to 48 million account bots. This fake accounts you are paying for are actually not even real people. There is no chance of them becoming a client or purchasing service. They won’t be interacting with your brand. The goal of social media for business is to connect with your customers.

Another con is your reputation. This is can look bad to potential clients. Instead of putting in the hard work on building your following yourself, you are taking the easy way out and buying them. This could make your customers question what other corners you would be willing to cut to increase your profit.

Adding followers to your account that do not interact with your brand can negatively affect you. For example, facebook has an algorithm to decide what content to filter into users news feeds. If you engagement rate drops because bots are not interacting with your posts, it will change how much content your viewers are seeing. It will progressively start to show less and less of your posts in people’s new feeds. You will have to buy more facebook ads to reach your audience.

Buying Ads

Buying facebook ads is actually a great way to start building your audience on social media. When you buy a facebook ad, it will not filter it when it is posted. Its a guarantee that your customers will see your content. You can also target the exact people you want to reach with these ads. Be sure not to buy like ads when you are purchasing though facebook. Use your ads to promote a product, announce an event or promote your website.


Having followers helps you make more followers.