Your business strategy should always include social media. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about the use of social media for your business. If its used correctly, it can create sales and also generate business leads. There’s a lot of incorrect advice out there. This advice can give you unrealistic expectations about your business strategy on social media. If you don’t see the the results you are expecting, it can cause you to stop using social media for your business completely. We have pulled together some common myths about social media. Once these myths are debunked, you can add social media back into your business strategy.

Every customer is on social media

It may feel like it these days, but not everyone is on social media. A large portion of your customer base though will be using social media though. This is why you don’t want to completely forgo traditional advertising in your business strategy. By setting up your social media accounts, you will be able to provide accurate information about your business. You will also be able to target new clients. If used effectively, social media can generate lots of new business leads.

Every social media platform is important

There is a popular myth that your business needs to be on every social media platform available. This is absolutely untrue. It also can eat away at your precious time by posting on too many social media platforms. It’s more important to consistently post to social media platforms that your clients are using. Start by asking your current customers what social media platforms they prefer. You can do this through an email survey or asking them in your store. You will notice a theme to their favorite platforms. Focus on these instead of spreading yourself too thin.

Every post should be across all platforms

Every platform in social media is different. Content that works on Facebook may not work on twitter. It saves time to to post created content on multiple platforms. But, each platform has its own requirements, uses and focuses. For example, Instagram is a visual platform. You want to use it for beautiful photos. Twitter is a word based platform. You would want to use it for special sales you are having.

Every day you should be posting

Your business strategy should not include posting to social media every day. This is a myth that can actually hurt your business. Overuse of social media can cause you to lose followers. Customers can be overloaded with seeing content everyday and stop following you online. Also, some platforms can actually suspend your accounts because of spam claims. A better tactic is to set up times during the week in which you are going to post. Having questions or messages online is a different animal. These should be handled promptly.

Every successful business has a ton of followers

Sometimes businesses judge their success by the sheer number of followers on social media. Although the number might be large, these customers may not be engaging with your business. It is more important to have an audience that is loyal and responds to your social media postings.


Your business strategy should always include social media.