Branding is an important part of your business. Even so, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to branding. One of the biggest questions companies ask is if branding is expensive. It actually doesn’t have to be. There are some very creative ways to brand your business without spending an arm and a leg.

Know Your Brand

This is the first important step in branding. Knowing the brand that you are trying to convey is going to help you figure out the best way to market your business. By knowing your brand, you will understand the kind of audience you are trying to reach. A good way to start is to research the traits of the audience you are going to advertise for in the future. Figure out what motivates them to purchase, what other brands they trust and what their favorite websites are. You can then tailor your branding to fit your prospective clients.

Developing A Branding Identity

Once you have identified your potential clients, you can begin your branding. A brand identity is a tone in which you convey all of your messages in all of your marketing. You will use this tone in all of your public communication. Consistency is key. Write a list of all of the important values your company has. Each message will need to follow these listed values.

Consistent Social Media Presence

The research comes into play during this step too. You want to research all of the social media platforms to find out which are the ones that are most popular. This way, you know what platforms to use when you are posting online. The biggest platforms are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Research where people are spending most of their time. Focus on these channels to connect with your audience. This research also includes seeing what posts they like and share. Focus on the top platforms that your potential customers are spending most of their time. Consistently post content on these platforms. You can schedule your postings in advance using HootSuite. Also, keep a calendar of future social media ideas so you can plan in advance.


Blogs have become a very important part of your future branding. Blogging is a great way to attract strangers and visitors to your website. Your content should maintain your brand voice. After friends and family, blogs are the third most trusted information source. If you keep your content relevant and informative, it will help your SEO. This makes you at the top of the list when people are looking for your type of business. The main resource you will be using when you blog is time. You should be scheduling this time into your day just as you would schedule meetings. To make it easier to come up with blog topics, keep a running list of future blog ideas.

Excellent Customer Service

Good branding also relies on good customer service. When someone mentions your brand, you want people to immediately associate it with excellent customer service. According to market research, US businesses lost about $41 billion dollars because of bad customer service. Word of mouth spreads quickly on social media. Potential customers will think twice about buying from you if they read about bad customer experiences. When you are responding to customers, be sure to follow your company values. Most importantly, always be overly polite. These free tips will help you build your brand into a powerhouse.


“By knowing your brand, you will understand the kind of audience you are trying to reach.”