Best Social Media Apps

Many businesses have the question of what are the best social media apps to use to build their business? New apps seem to pop up everyday. New users to social media can be overwhelmed by all of the different platforms. We’ve compiled a list of the best social media apps to help you reach your business and sales goals. Not all apps are created equal, and with new apps being developed constantly, its difficult to know what the best choices are for your company.


Facebook is the best social media app that we can recommend. It has more than 1.59 billion users and grows by the day. This app connects you to your current clients and potential new clients. You can respond directly to your clients questions, building creditability for your business. It’s easy to manage, including targeting. Facebook sponsored ads can get prospective customers by targeting prospects with similar interests and characteristics.


The goal of Twitter is for your post to go viral. This entails people to share and retweet your content. The goal is to build followers. Pay attention to the hashtags that you are using in your content. Research the trending hashtags and use them in your tweets. Hashtags are a must in getting momentum for your social media posts.


Ones of the best social media apps for business to business is LinkedIn. You will want to focus on building connections with people. Choose individuals and businesses in your area that are focused on your business field. Set up a LinkedIn group and invite members to keep them on the same page about changes to your business. Also encourage them to add new members to this group to help your business expand.


This app is known for photo sharing. Any events, tradeshows or special inventory should be posted to this site. Encourage others to post their photos too. A great way to get responses is to offer free giveaways and deals to customers who post their fan photos to your page.


Pinterest is a visual social media platform in which users repin your photos to expand your audience. This social media app takes a bit more creativity to work for your business. Start by taking artistic photos of your products and post to this platform. Encourage highly followed members to repin your photos.


Yelp is definitely one of our best social media apps to date. Customers post reviews and photos of your products. Encourage your best customers to post a review of your business on Yelp. Even offer a giveaway to encourage them. You want to balance any negative reviews you may receive with positive ones. Yelp is especially important for restaurants. Customers post photos of their meals and rate their last visit. Ignoring this platform could really hurt your business.


Because YouTube is owned by Google, it will help your videos stay at the top of the list in google searches. Keep your videos short in nature and post about once a week. This can include how to use your product or services or the benefits of your business to the local marketplace.


Not all apps are created equal.